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Three Little Pigs – Marigold Unit 1 – NCERT English Class 1

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How to start teaching kids English at home

All parents can start teaching English to their kids at home. Not only the one who is good in English but even the parents...

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Repeat Button – A pedagogical tool for language learners

In CALP, we developed a toolbar for our video player. There is a repeat button in the toolbar. repeat button is highlighted with blue color This...

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CALP Training Pedagogy – How to use it?

CALP Training material is based on educational principles. It is important to understand how to use the training material with your students. We are following...

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Lesson Plan for NCERT English Class 1

NCERT syllabus has two books for Class 1 English, Marigold and Raindrops. Marigold has 10 chapters and Raindrops has 19 chapters. It is important...

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